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Rounding out ’09 & Go Cowboys

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Lets start by saying, it is an honour to be on Paul’s website. I have a lot of love in my heart for him, he is a great friend and boss!

I cannot wait to start working with him again this year. 2010 should be a lot of fun,as long as I don’t drink a lot of tequila and get paid to……..never mind.

09′ was interesting for me because it was the first year I didn’t have anything lined up jobwise. I went to NAMM last year and worked at the Dean guitar booth demo-ing the DIME amp. It was my second time going there and felt really at home around friends and music gear.

In February I got the chance to go on tour with Blondie. I was working the whole backline for Chris Stein, Paul Carbonara and Leigh Foxx. It was a ton of fun, the band was great and it was kind of surreal to hear them every night. I had covered Blondie songs in a skinny tie band in high school! I returned to do a couple of shows with them around Halloween and even went out with the band to some bars on Halloween night. I got to hang with Deborah a bit and I tell ya, she’s still got it!

In June I was fortunate enough to get the Incubus gig! I worked for Mike Einziger. It was a shed tour, anywhere from 10-22thousand people a show. Mike had a fleet of vintage Gibson SG’s and an instrument called a ‘pipa’,a chinese lute. He also had a monster 3 piece pedal board w/ 22 analog effects, it was almost 4 feet long! We used Boogie ‘tremoverbs’ for clean, and hot rodded Marshall ‘plexis’ for dirty. I could go on and on about the ‘pipa’, but it would only bring back memories of high anxiety. The ones we had weren’t that good of quality, we ordered professional ones and my quality of life improved!!

Then in October I went to work with the Deftones. I got my metal on because they were opening for Slipknot. I was filling in for thier tech Linus who couldn’t get into Canada. I can’t figure out that I have a squeaky clean record after touring w/ Pantera for 13 years! Anyway,I worked for Steph who’s a great player! I had all 7 strings and an 8 string guitars with 5 different tunings, so I was busy the whole set tuning.. I am glad nothing ever went wrong! Steph had a Bradshaw rig and 2 powered 18″ subs in the rig and it was SCREAMING loud onstage.. I had to just get out of the way when they turned the sidefills!

In November I was called back by Mike from Incubus. This guy goes to freaking HARVARD, has 3.5 gpa and is majoring in physics (that is why Incubus toured just in summer). For a school project he wrote a piece called ‘Forced Curvature of Reflective Surfaces’ that required 6 cellos, 6 violins, 2 upright basses AND 12 guitar players playing moog guitars! Oh yeah,don’t let me leave out the conductor.. nice woman! It was performed at Disney Hall in LA and it was a learning experiece for me. It was my first time in that environment and I soaked it all in!

Well,that was my 09 in a big nutshell! I am ready to get this new year underway with Paul,and am sooo happy that his stupid football team didn’t make the playoffs! Go Cowboys!

Peace Y’all

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