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The dog days are over… maybe!

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Hey kids! Looks like it’s time to report in! It’s been a loooong 4 months!

Although I have had some gig offers,for some reason, I KEEP ON WAITING FOR PAUL AND MEAT LOAF..

Loyal as a dog I am..

I have been home being a Mr.Mom to my 3 boys, Garrett 11, Landon 5 and Hayden 2. Jamie (my wife) has a great job,but it requires her being gone for a good 13 hours a day, so I get to do everything around here!

We bought the boys a swingset for their birthdays. It only took me 3 days of cuts and bruises and a lot of under the breath swearing to finish it.. I am very proud of that swingset. However, we get a lot of tornadoes and sh!t here in Texas, so we shall see how well it’s built!

The family life IS great, but my gypsy is starting to kick in! I need a bus, I need some guitars, I need a stage, arenas, music, pressure.. all that stuff. Some adults to talk to during the day would be nice, but it’s okay to re-learn your alphabet daily.. just sayin’.

I am going to start playing some guitar again so I don’t embarrass myself during soundcheck. I can’t wait for George to ask me to play Meat songs instead of Metallica.. I just can’t!

Well, the time draws near and I am excited as ever to get on the road!


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