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Why roses are most loved flowers?

Why roses are most loved flowers?

Roses are the flowers which can be found anywhere in the world. There are some lakhs of spices of flowers in this earth but all of us do not know about them. But when it comes to the rose flower, everyone knows about it. The rose flowers have created a separate image for them self’s among all the flowers. There would be anyone who would not appreciate the beauty of the rose flowers. Most of them believe that rose flowers emit lots of positivity around them. Mainly roses are considered as a symbol of love and this point strongly believed by humans from within their heart. Did you ever though how old an rose flower can be? Let e tell you it is thirty five million year old found in northern part of the world. Below are some points on why people prefer roses on other flowers.

  • Beauty and fragrance of rose: When you see a rose it gives a feeling that the nature has poured all the beauty in to the rose flowers. Looking at the so many different colours of roses it’s like a feat to the eyes. Did you ever notice the rose flower upside down? if you have noticed it than you will agree with me that it exactly looks like a wedding gown To touch the rose flower when it is on the plant you need to take your hand through the thrones. In the same way when we consider this in our life anyone who needs happens must go through some sort of struggles in their life. The fragrance of rose flower is so mesmerizing that you can find many scents, perfumes made of rose flower extract.
  • Colors and combination: It human nature that when we look at something the first thing we notice is the color of it. And what to can anyone say about colors of roses as you can find them almost in all the types of colors. There are more than three hundreds choices of roses and you can find all the colors in each spice. It is well know truth that everyone has their own favourite colors and if they want to pick up flowers of their favourite color among roses then they do not need to compromise on this as you can find all the colors of roses.
  • Cost friendly and gardening: The roses are affordable by any one as they are not too cheap or too costly. The cost depends upon the type of spices it is. The rose flower do not take much space to grown and it can be grown in any soil that is why you can find the rose flower plants almost in every house. There are any families who completely dependent on the rose flower business.


So these are some of the reasons why roses have become so popular, hope the above information is useful.

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